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Brad Renfro Brad Renfro: Sein tragischer Tod

Brad Barron Renfro war ein US-amerikanischer Schauspieler. Brad Barron Renfro (* Juli in Knoxville, Tennessee; † Januar in Los Angeles, Kalifornien) war ein US-amerikanischer Schauspieler. Brad Renfro war ein US-amerikanischer Schauspieler, der seinen internationalen Durchbruch durch seine Rolle in „Sleepers“ erlangte. Doch seine Karriere. BRAD RENFRO ( -– ). Bradley Barron Renfro wurde am Juli in Knoxville, Tennessee, geboren. Nach der Scheidung seiner Eltern im Alter. Erst kam der Film, dann kamen die Drogen, nun kam der Tod: Der einst umjubelte Kinderstar Brad Renfro starb im Alter von nur 25 Jahren.

brad renfro

Brad Renfro - Alle Bilder, Filme, TV Serien und Fakten finden Sie hier zum Star auf TV Spielfilm. Jetzt hier informieren! Brad Renfro. Starb am Januar im Alter von 25 Jahren Mit seinen beeindruckenden Leistungen in „Der Klient“, „Sleepers“ und „Der. Brad Barron Renfro (* Juli in Knoxville, TN, USA + Januar in Los Angeles, Kalifornien, USA) war ein US-amerikanischer Schauspieler. Renfro admitted to a detective that he was using heroin and methadone. But curiously to you, why are the people blaming the director for making a bad disturbing movie you born to ride 1991 deutsch think Brad and the other boy actors? The Thing Quarterly. Retrieved May 18, None of the adults who worked with Renfro as a child who spoke with BuzzFeed News said they suspected Renfro might be addicted to a drug like heroin. Many are to blame for his death, and his life didn't start off easy. Renfro became an overnight star because he was a rowdy kid with natural talent who stood apart from more seasoned child actors. What a pointless contribution r1. But statutes concerning the supervision of underage performers on set vary widely from state to state. FГјr movie2k stream tГјrkisch film anfГ¤nger this day, I still continue to think of him and continue reading for his family he click .

His career faded rapidly because of alcoholism and substance abuse. He died from a heroin overdose at the age of Brad Renfro and Daryl Hannah dated from to April, Anne Bergstedt and Brad Renfro had a relationship from to Jennifer McDaniel and Brad Renfro had a relationship from to Brad Renfro and Rachel Miner dated from to September, Brad Renfro and Gaby Hoffmann dated from to R I P Brad you are and will be 1 of a kind in many hearts and souls.

Rest In Peace little buddy You were yet another victim of hollywood tragedy. Been thinking of you alot as i loved your movies Hollywood may have stabbed you in the back but you will always have the loyalty in us!

P God Bless. The 1st movie i saw with him n it was The Client and i fell inlove wit him den nd wen i found out n January wat had happend it broke my heart, Brad i loved u then i love u now nd i always will!

RIP Brad Renfro. Brad caught my attention the moment I watched his debut film, the Client. Something inside of me said I must meet this guy when I was Aterwards, i kept up with every gig.

To this day, I still continue to think of him and mourn for his family he left behind. My heart finds a way of yearning for him, even after all thats said and done.

Ironically, I realize he dated a girl named Rachel and a Scorpio in the past and left behind a son whom is half oriental.

Renfro had numerous run-ins with the law which began in with his arrest for possession of cocaine and marijuana.

If you have done it, pray. Then get some good sober time. He was later arrested and sentenced to two years probation in August for allegedly trying to steal a foot yacht in Fort Lauderdale, Florida with a friend.

Then in , the former child actor was charged with driving under the influence in November and just a few short weeks later was busted in a police sting and charged with a felony count of attempting to possess heroin.

He later plead guilty to the charge and entered rehab for it. I mean, I think he might have taken a couple of pills last night.

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Some features on this site require a subscription. A person can be messed up without being the victim of sexual abuse.

People can be "messed up" for lots of different reasons. Could've been. Wasn't Joel Schumacher the director for The Client?

Isnt he a sketchy guy? I may be confusing him with someone else. But Brads home life was pretty screwed up before he got cast in The Client.

He lived with his grandma because his parents couldn't raise him. I would NOT be surprised if Renfro was sexually abused.

The only way to succeed in the entertainment industry is via the casting couch, regardless of age. It also wouldn't surprise me if his parents knew all about it as stage parents are greedy and soulless people who would sell their offspring to the devil in exchange for success.

Was there any evidence to point to molestation? Because, speaking as a fan, I don't recall anything hinting at that. It's discussed in this article, but the cliff notes is that Singer had underage extras strip naked for hours to film a shower room scene.

Lawsuits were filed on behalf of the extras. Sir Ian was even wearing his SS uniform costume. Renfro's story is very sad. His problems started long before he ever set foot in Hollywood, although I'm sure he was taken advantage of there as well.

Interesting fact I remember from the 90s is that the same female casting agent that discovered him also discovered Edward Furlong. I guess casting a troubled kid to play a troubled kid works in the short term, but when they don't have a support system to help them deal with the business they end up worse.

I was a big fan of Brad Renfro when I was a teenager, and remember seeing a website that had pictures of him in a bathhouse on a trip to Japan.

This was in the late 90s. Though the pictures weren't overtly sexual, they gave off a weird vibe - Brad was wearing a Japanese-style robe that was very short, and appeared to be naked under it.

He was alone, posing for the camera, but it wasn't a professional photoshoot. As someone who spent a lot of time mooning over Brad as a child I had his picture by my bed and kissed it hello every morning I spent a lot of time looking at his pictures online.

That series of photos was different from any others I saw of him, and they were disturbing in a way I was unable to explain at the time.

Now that I'm older and familiar with the term "pedo vibe," that seems to be the best description. While he may not have been molested, the pictures suggested that at the very least there were times when Brad was unchaperoned and isolated, including while traveling internationally.

This could have provided an opportunity for someone to abuse him. Brad was also a possible target because his family situation was messy, and his grandmother may not have been the most savvy and sophisticated person.

If I remember correctly, she was a church secretary before he got famous. I do remember it was weird that Brad got relatively little mainstream press, considering his story of rags to riches was the kind of heartwarming tripe that people love to read about.

Teen magazines said that Joel Schumacher moved Brad to a special Montessori school to nurture Brad's creative potential, and to protect him from being damaged by Hollywood.

Instead of protecting him, this may have served to isolate him from family and friends who might have noticed something wrong.

And Brad had major roles in a lot of big movies - enough, you would think, to merit more press coverage. Another weird thing - the grandmother was never, ever pictured.

You would think that a fan might have had a photo with Brad and the woman who raised him, but there was nothing.

I found that curious, because teen magazines of that era had personal pictures of most of the celebrity they covered.

Not Brad. I remember being really sad for Brad when he began spiraling downward, and gradually lost interesting him over time.

It was unfortunate to hear that he died, but it wasn't a shock - for years, whenever I heard his name mentioned, it was related to an arrest or drugs.

Sad and a waste - he was talented. But I think his time as a major teenage actor was probably very dark and damaging to him.

Oh - that Japanese pictures appeared to be from the era where he had his Tom and Huck hair, so he would have been about 13 or It was totally creepy, r But I had just moved to a new state and had no friends except my picture of Brad For what it's worth the civil case in Apt Pupil was dismissed.

After local, state and federal law enforcement investigated no criminal charges were filed. It's quite a leap to assume anytime gay men are near men or teenage boys naked the intent is somehow sexual.

A tired argument we heard for years about gays in the military. R35 - I agree that it is ignorant and tiresome that people always leap to that conclusion with gay men, but Singer has a dodgy rep in general, which I think is where the unease comes in.

Over at Imdb people who read Onika Pointer's memoir say she hints something bad happened with someone named "Ryan" who was hired to babysit Renfro on the set of Apt Pupil - pag.

And that the falling out was over something serious. The details of the situation were so grim and disgusting that I began to cry as he explained what had went down".

My brother was an extra on Sleepers, and one day I made him bring a big pinup of Brad to the set and try to getBrad to sign it.

My brother had to roll the picture up and put it in his jacket sleeve all day, but during a break he got brad to sign it.

I made my mom bring me to set to meet Brad, but I only saw him once and didn't get to talk to him. Oh darn. I have consulted my personal psychic, The Thanksgiving Otter, and he assures me it was Schumacher not Singer.

He looked to be a sweet,lovely young man who needed love and not some sleazy old directors and fellow pervs pawing him all over. Its sickening what they are sipposed to have done to him, i mean Ian McKellen, something must have gone down their as he is a skanky,lecherous old queen well known in the uk for his interests on "youth".

Seeing the comment of a female memoir breakdown crying when Brad told her what happened with the babysitter and him. I think he was definitely abused during the set of Apt Pupil.

Hey it's me again. It took me alot of research about Brad if being sexually abused but he was mind control by the gay Mafia.

There are article quotes about him. They said "He's a victim of sexual abuse in Sleepers". But curiously to you, why are the people blaming the director for making a bad disturbing movie with Brad and the other boy actors?

It's all just an acting. My odd thing is that I think before or after the half filming set was finished. I had grown up watching Brad as a kid and I thought it was tragic that he couldn't break free from the drug addiction.

It's a total fraufest up in here. These bitches rub themselves raw watching the sex abuse episodes of those police procedural shows.

Bryan singer is ryan in that memoir. Bryan Ryan, get it? I have no doubt that scumbag pervert was one of many who messed with that gorgeous little boy.

Why at 15 is he filmed nude in a movie? And the way he was discarded from Hollywood immediately following apt pupil says it all.

After they rape them they are used and damaged and of no more interest to them. Look at Corey haim, amanda Peterson and brad renfro to name a few.

So sad and evil. Amanda Peterson, Corey haim, brad renfro, Dana Plato. What does that tell you? Some of the extras were 13 and 14, R If you need it explained to you why it's not a good idea to film them naked in sexually charged scenes, you're beyond help.

Renfro came from a rough background prior to show business success: his grandmother had to take custody of him as a very young child because his biological parents were such trainwrecks.

I believe he was also in and out of the foster care system for a while. It's very possible that if there was a history of abuse, it had nothing to do with his acting career.

How come no one ever mentions Kenny Ortega I am very curious.

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KomödieDramaMusik. Laut toxikologischem Untersuchungsergebnis vom 9. KrimiDrama. Mummy an' the Armadillo click the following article Als Todd den Alten nach seiner Vergangenheit ausfragt, lässt er sich auf ein gefährliches Spiel ein Just click for source der kultigen Krimikomödie entführt er als Bankräuber Jennifer Lopez, die damals ebenfalls durch den Film sehr viel mehr Aufmerksamkeit bekam. Brad Barron Renfro (* Juli in Knoxville, TN, USA + Januar in Los Angeles, Kalifornien, USA) war ein US-amerikanischer Schauspieler. Brad Renfro. Starb am Januar im Alter von 25 Jahren Mit seinen beeindruckenden Leistungen in „Der Klient“, „Sleepers“ und „Der. Brad Renfro - Alle Bilder, Filme, TV Serien und Fakten finden Sie hier zum Star auf TV Spielfilm. Jetzt hier informieren! Brad Renfro Filme - Brad Barron Renfro wurde am Juli in Knoxville, Tennessee geboren und war ein US-amerikanischer Schauspieler. Er verstarb am. brad renfro der klient. brad renfro Hollywood Flies TV Sharon Tate hätte ich noch in der Liste erwartet. Drei Jahre später musste er sich einem Alkoholentzug stellen, weil er seine Bewährungsauflagen verletzt hatte. Mit dabei sind u. Oster-Klassiker Here Girl The Theory of the Leisure Class Jet Set Kids Vampire diaries staffel 6 ganze folge Registrierung Wo finde ich was? Da diese nicht automatisch publiziert werden, kann es eine Weile dauern, bis diese freigeschaltet werden Please notice: If you are not a registered user, your comments have to de moderated. Ausblick "Lucifer" Staffel 5 - Wie wird die teuflische neue Season? Coat Pockets The Cure FB Tweet ellipsis More. Following Renfro's death in Januaryhis cousin, Jesse Hasek, stated that Renfro and his son had visited him several days earlier and that Renfro had made positive changes in his life. Please tell me someone who posts here isn't stupid enough to think Bryan Singer is "bisexual. Inactor James Franco had the name "Brad" tattooed on his right shoulder in memory of Renfro. All rights reserved. Inside just click for source body, the coronavirus is even more kapitГ¤n englisch than scientists had realized. Close View image. It's easy to subscribe and unsubscribe when you want to. An ungrounded young mother and her thoughtful teenage son are banished to a remote provincial town by a domineering father.

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Renfro was found dead on January 15, , in his Los Angeles apartment. He was 25 years old. Seventeen days after Renfro's death, his grandmother Joanne—who had accompanied him regularly during his early acting career—died at her home at the age of In , 10 years after Renfro's death, and again the following year, the website BuzzFeed devoted a long article to recounting his rise and descent, particularly during the s while he was still a teenager.

The article discussed whether the film industry's methods of protecting the welfare of child actors during production were adequate for situations involving at-risk child actors.

BuzzFeed found no evidence that laws or contractual provisions had been violated on his films, but suggested that the system had nonetheless failed the actor by not ensuring that he was appropriately supervised when he was off the movie set.

Fernando Altschul, the first assistant director of Apt Pupil , told BuzzFeed that he saw a year-old Renfro at an on-set party where alcohol was available.

According to Altschul, Renfro was the only underage attendee. During Renfro's early career, his worldliness and self-confidence caused many adults who came into contact with him to believe that he was some years older than his actual age.

Gemma Jackson , production designer on Tom and Huck , remembered Renfro as being 15 or 16 years of age during filming when he was actually Jackson recounted to BuzzFeed that during the production of Tom and Huck , Renfro had a girlfriend who was several years his senior.

Renfro's apparent maturity was reflected in his onscreen portrayals. In his early roles, he was often sexualized and shown shirtless.

In Apt Pupil , he was shown showering. He also performed scenes with mature and disturbing content. Renfro's roommate, Mark Foster of Foster the People , wrote a song about his death called "Downtown".

In , the art magazine The Thing Quarterly reported that actor James Franco had the name "Brad" tattooed on his right shoulder in memory of Renfro.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. American actor. Knoxville, Tennessee , U. Los Angeles , California, U. This section needs expansion.

You can help by adding to it. February Biography portal United States portal. Retrieved Archived from the original on March 14, Film Reference.

The New York Times. Retrieved December 10, Retrieved May 9, Retrieved February 7, Herald Sun. January 16, Retrieved May 18, Retrieved February 18, The Guardian.

US Magazine. Archived from the original on January 28, Knoxville News Sentinel. January 20, Now magazine.

Let me clarify Franco and Brad did a movie together Deuces Wild but barely interacted on or off set I know this from a cast member who worked on it.

After he died, suddenly they were 'close friends' and Franco exploited his death for another braindead 'art project'. Did your talent agent father molest River Phoenix?

Did he cast talent for NNewbies. Did he molest girls or boys? As for European showing teenage nudity, that's not necessarily OK either.

Some child actors go on to become successful lawyers or scientists - no shot at that if Google shows any number of naked pictures of you.

Brad Renfro had real talent and made the industry a lot of money in a very short period of time and at an age where most of us are wholly uninterested in pressure or responsibility.

Many are to blame for his death, and his life didn't start off easy. Those he had to grow up with certainly hadn't his best interests in mind, except perhaps for his grandmother who sadly probably wasn't all that savvy either, like another poster said.

R28's story is very cute remember the poster was 12 kissing the picture of another teenager - nothing creepy about that , and I totally understand the weird vibe about those Japanese pictures taken when Brad was 13 or The whole story is so dark, if anyone ever made a picture about it most of us wouldn't stomach it.

I just hope Brad's in peace right now cause he sure deserved it. R I can't find anything on Ortega. Maybe I am wrong about Kenny Ortega.

I can't prove what I said was true, so I will have to shut up. No, you retarded, hysterical cunt at R96, I'm just a normal person.

I realize, you have no frame of reference for that but everyone else knows. You are sick. Your obsession is sick.

Your rage is sick. You need a psychiatrist and medication. R94, absolutely. I've noticed that pretty much every openly gay Hollywood director has been accused of being a pedophile here.

I totally understand the need to talk about child abuse in the industry but for these people apparently just being gay means someone's a pedo.

And you're probably correct it's the straight women drumming up the hysteria. Am I imagining it or do they seem to care more about young men being abused than they care about young women?

I bet the girls are being abused more in Hollywood. It was weird watching An Open Secret which featured that young man who went to Hollywood, came back home, started drinking and ended up getting a brain damage.

If I understood correctly the guy was pretty much already an adult when he moved to Hollywood but apparently those evil gays messed him up so bad that he ended up destroying his life.

I remember thinking during the documentary that I'm not really seeing any abuse here if I remember correctly. I got the idea that he did what he did because he wanted to, and possibly just had a messy love life with other guys.

However it was pretty much presented like he was abused by gay men even though I'm pretty sure the guy was gay himself, and he certainly wasn't a defenseless 13 year old.

Otherwise the documentary was ok although Egan certainly is questionable but I couldn't help but wonder what is the age some women think males are ready to have gay relationships.

When I told my mom I'm gay when I was 18 she immediately thought an older man had raped me, which was just so silly. I don't know what these fraus think and I don't care.

They jump on the gay witch-hunt bandwagon faster than anyone. They automatically assume gay men are pedophiles and rapists. Sometimes they appear to think all men are rapists.

They are obviously damaged individuals but that doesn't mean that their homophobic witch-hunting should be tolerated. In a world where breeders rape babies to death, it's disingenuous to act as though looking twice at a teenage boy is the same thing.

Bryan's starting to get a carb-face. Maybe he's helping himself to some of the candy he lures little kids into his den with?

Gee whiz, r, those "innocent" homophobic witch-hunts are unpopular here on our gay website. Go figure.

The word is sex, R Jenn-durr is nothing but a system of sexist, homophobic lies intended to enforce retrograde, outdated and demonstrably harmful ideas about how men and women should act.

Those responsible for perpetuating the vile ideology of the cult of jenn-durr have gay blood on their hands. Every last one of them.

And there will be massive retribution for all of it. These threads always bring out DL's most unsavory underbelly: right-wingers who are into underage guys.

My understanding was that Brad Renfro discovered that the world of older seducers in the business involves both drugs and sex.

They go hand-in-hand. One makes the other more likely -- and more apt to reoccur. Please tell me someone who posts here isn't stupid enough to think Bryan Singer is "bisexual.

If this goes on for a few more weeks the public will see no difference between the creeps of Hollywood and the pedo priests in the Christian Church.

More and more people become aware of these predators using their status of authority to assault, rape, and abuse people will less power in the industry.

And that is not a good feel-good picture the general public wants to see and support. R68 I did a search and the only Kenneth Oretega I could find arrests for are a young latino dude in Florida and a scary looking white guy in Kentucky.

Yes indeed, we too use "cookies. I know we do! You can thank the EU parliament for making everyone in the world click on these pointless things while changing absolutely nothing.

Otherwise, you'll just have to find some other site for your pointless bitchery needs. Become a contributor - post when you want with no ads!

Who molested Brad Renfro? Was he a victim of child abuse? Is that what screwed him up so much? What a pointless contribution r1.

I had nothing to do with this one. I jerked off to him when I was a teen. I jerked off to him when he was a teen. I jerked off on him when I was a teen.

The OP implied it. Excuse me, but where's MY thread? One of Parker Brothers' less successful board games. Probably Bill Cosby. I was raped while sitting in a chair with a bag over my head.

Who didn't? That boy was rough trade from the get-go. I felt bad for him in Ghost World. And Bully. What happened in th shower room scene?

For R Maybe it was you OP. Key word there being 'boy' r Wasn't he cast in Apt Pupil with Bryan Singer?

Oh and also I was I think it's sweet, r For the movie the scene was done over with adult actors. I can't find any reports that indicate Singer was directly involved.

R28 - Whoa those pictures do sound creepy. I forgot Renfro played a young Brad Pitt in Sleepers. The first half of that movie was scary.

R39 R40 - you're clever.

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