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Spotlight (2019)

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Alle Sprachmagazine zum Englisch lernen von Spotlight als Einzelausgabe finden Sie hier bei uns im Shop! Ausgabe Spotlight Heft 14 / Spotlight Heft. Terminplaner für alle Sendetermine im Fernsehen: · Fr – – Die Zombie-Attacke · Fr . SPOTLIGHT stellt fünf Teenager in den Mittelpunkt, die den ganz großen Traum haben: sie alle wollen einmal Profis sein - z.B. als Tänzer, Sänger, Die Fachjury für die spotlight Wettbewerbe spotlight PROFESSIONALS und spotlight STUDENTS steht. JURY CHAIRWOMAN PROFESSIONALS Jo Marie Farwick. #spotlight #Filmfestival. Donnerstag, April & Freitag, April in Stuttgart. spotlight Festival für.

spotlight (2019)

Spotlight - Englisch lernen 9/ "New York" | Spotlight Magazin | ISBN: | Kostenloser Versand für alle Bücher mit Versand und Verkauf duch. Während sich das Team warmläuft für das Festival , möchten wir Sie einladen, einen frischen medialen Blick auf spotlight zu werfen. Denn mit seiner Spotlight - Englisch lernen 11/ "So geht Englisch heute" | Spotlight Magazin | ISBN: | Kostenloser Versand für alle Bücher mit Versand und.

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This work might significantly prompt the applications of metamaterials in sensing, lasing, and optical devices designing. For realizing high- T c cuprate superconductors HTS magnets equipped with a persistent current circuit, superconducting joints between HTS tapes are indispensable.

In the present study, development of superconducting joints with high I c and high T c between the Ag-sheathed multi-filamentary Bi commercial tapes were attempted using Bi polycrystalline intermediate joint layers.

This report describes high-responsivity, long-wavelength infrared graphene photodetectors operating at room temperature, that are based on the photogating effect.

Photogating is enhanced by a pyroelectric effect in the lithium niobium oxide LiNbO 3 substrate due to heat generation as a result of radiation absorption by a SiN layer on the substrate.

This significantly modulates the back-gate voltage, and increases the photoresponse by a factor of approximately Switching of the charge carrier type in the graphene is observed in response to higher light intensities.

The pronounced modulation of the photogating voltage changes the carrier type of graphene. The smoothing process for amorphous layers will be an important for fabricating the MTJs of high-performance spintronics devices.

This paper reports the piezoresistive performance of the two-dimensional 2D material of vanadium V -doped molybdenum disulfide MoS 2 films based on sulfurization of sputtered Mo thin films.

I—V characteristics indicate that V atom doping indeed decreases the resistivity of MoS 2. Strain sensors based on V-doped MoS 2 resistive elements were fabricated.

The piezoresistive effect of V-doped MoS 2 with different V sputtering conditions was also investigated. The doping method introducing V atoms as dopants is found to play an important role in enhancing piezoresistive performance.

Characteristics of hafnium silicate as gate dielectric in n-GaN capacitors were investigated. The Hf 0. The selective crystallization of aspirin form II is exceedingly difficult, because the similarity of the crystal structures of form I and form II enable them to intergrow.

We succeeded in crystallizing a pure form II crystal by laser irradiation with a precise condition control. The crystal was identified by Raman spectroscopy and in situ observation of the phase transformation from form II into form I.

Accordingly, we conclude that this laser-induced crystallization would be applicable to a variety of materials like aspirin for which it is difficult to crystallize polymorphs selectively.

The ratio of the photoluminescence PL intensity at room temperature against that at 11 K is 0. Additionally, the spatial uniformity of PL is also drastically improved, showing promise as long wavelength emitters.

Hexagonal boron nitride h -BN has emerged as an important extreme bandgap semiconductor as well as a two-dimensional material.

Achieving the ability for tuning the optoelectronic properties through alloying and heterojunction will further expand the applications of h -BN.

The incorporation of Ga tends to enhance the conductivity. Express 11 High-quality transparent SBO single crystals were successfully obtained from the stoichiometric melt by a seed cooling technique.

The optical properties of the SBO crystals, which showed wide transparency, high transmittance, and high resistance to optical damage compared with synthetic silica glass and CsLiB 6 O 10 CLBO crystals, were evaluated.

Our results reveal for the first time that the SBO crystals exhibit outstanding degradation resistance at a DUV wavelength of nm.

In this study, we investigated the effects of postmetallization annealing PMA on the interface properties of GaN metal—oxide—semiconductor MOS structures using Al 2 O 3 prepared by atomic layer deposition.

The threading edge dislocations in a GaN crystal are analyzed via micro-Raman spectroscopy mapping.

A clear contrast image of the peak shift from a higher wavenumber to a lower wavenumber is simulated. The Burgers vector is experimentally determined to be using transmission electron microscopy.

The magnitude of the Burgers vector agrees well between the simulated and experimental results. Thus, the density, direction, and magnitude of the edge component of the threading dislocations are identified using Raman spectroscopy mapping.

Quantum logic gates are important for quantum computation and quantum information processing in numerous physical systems. Although time-bin qubits are suitable for quantum communication over optical fiber, many essential quantum logic gates for them have not yet been realized.

A Hong—Ou—Mandel interference measurement showed that the switch could work as a time-dependent beam splitter with a variable splitting ratio.

We confirmed that two independent time-bin qubits were entangled as a result of C-Phase gate operation with the switch.

Candidates for new thermoelectric and superconducting materials, which have narrow band gaps and flat bands near band edges, were searched by high-throughput first-principles calculation from an inorganic materials database.

The sample SnBi 2 Se 4 showed a metal—insulator transition at Furthermore, two pressure-induced superconducting transitions were discovered under The data-driven search is a promising approach to discovering new functional materials.

The presence of a single-crystal CIGS layer without dislocations was confirmed by transmission electron microscopy.

Alkaline metal incorporations were achieved by doping and postdeposition treatments. Ga grading structures were fabricated by two-layer deposition with different Ga contents.

The Ga grading significantly increased the fill factor and open-circuit voltage. We demonstrate bubble generation outside the focus induced by irradiating a focused nm continuous-wave laser beam into the surface of water and l -phenylalanine H 2 O solutions.

In the former case of water, bubbles stay at positions distant from the focus during the irradiation, and their size and location are controllable by the laser power.

In the latter solution, bubbles move outward toward the surrounding area, and subsequently crystallization takes place at the focus.

We discuss these behaviors from the viewpoints of the temperature elevation accompanying the decrease in air solubility as well as the optical trapping of l -phenylalanine clusters giving a single crystal.

A strong mode coupling between the guided mode resonance GMR and surface phonon polaritons SPhPs is numerically demonstrated.

This mode-coupling effect can be used to control the near-field localization sites in this hybrid structure, which provide useful implications for manipulating infrared electromagnetic near fields in nanophotonics devices.

Furthermore, we noted that the overpotential of electrochemical EC cells is a bottleneck for the improvement in STH efficiency; therefore, future work should focus on reducing such an overpotential.

Understanding and controlling the metal—insulator transition MIT can provide great opportunities for electronic devices. MIT temperatures have been tuned by changing the thickness of the artificial NiO insert layer.

The Ni 2p core-level spectra and O K-edge have been investigated. The linear relationship between the hybridization T or bandwidth W and the MIT temperature has been clearly demonstrated.

In this work, we realized the Mott ground state by modulating the parameters of T and the covalency W , which might be significant for the development of multifunctional materials.

The device was fabricated by an all-ion-implanted process without requiring trench etching or epitaxial regrowth. A Mg-ion-implanted current blocking layer CBL provided electrical isolation between the source and the drain except at an aperture opening through which drain current was conducted.

Successful transistor action was realized by gating a Si-ion-implanted channel above the CBL. Thermal diffusion of Mg induced a large source—drain leakage current through the CBL, which resulted in compromised off-state device characteristics as well as a reduced peak extrinsic transconductance compared with the results of simulations.

We investigate thermionic emission from N-doped C surfaces terminated with H or Li atoms using finite-temperature real-time density functional theory simulations.

The current—temperature characteristics are found to follow the Richardson—Dushman RD equation, which was derived from a semiclassical theory.

However, the Richardson constants are two orders of magnitude smaller than the ideal values from the RD theory. This considerable reduction is attributed primarily to the extremely low transmission probability of electrons from the surfaces toward the vacuum.

The present method enables straightforward evaluation of the ideal efficiency of a thermionic energy converter. We have demonstrated that the local magnetization in a Co microwire can be switched by an application of a gate voltage without using any external magnetic fields.

The electric-field-induced reversible ferromagnetic phase transition was used to realize this. An internal stray field from a ferromagnetic gate electrode assisted the local domain reversal in the Co wire.

This new concept of electrical domain switching may be useful for dramatically reducing the power consumption of writing information in a magnetic racetrack memory, in which a shift of a magnetic domain by electric current is utilized.

Diamond anvil cells using boron-doped metallic diamond electrodes covered with undoped diamond insulating layers have been developed for electrical transport measurements under high pressure.

These designed diamonds were grown on a bottom diamond anvil via a nanofabrication process combining microwave plasma-assisted chemical vapor deposition and electron beam lithography.

The resistance measurements of a high-quality FeSe superconducting single crystal under high pressure were successfully demonstrated by just putting the sample and gasket on the bottom diamond anvil directly.

The superconducting transition temperature of the FeSe single crystal was increased to up to 43 K by applying uniaxial-like pressure.

Silvia H. In this work, we realize tunneling propagation through spoof surface plasmon polariton transmission lines loaded with magnetoinductive metamaterial channels above a high cutoff frequency.

Magnetoinductive metamaterial channels consist of split-ring resonators, and two different structures are proposed.

Samples are fabricated, and both measurements and simulations indicate a near-perfect tunneling propagation around 17 GHz.

The proposed methodology could be exploited as a powerful platform for investigating tunneling surface plasmons from radio frequencies to optical frequencies.

The physical mechanism of metal ablation induced by femtosecond laser irradiation was investigated in this study.

Calculations based on finite-temperature density functional theory indicate that condensed copper becomes unstable at high electron temperatures due to an electronic entropy effect.

Based on these results, an electronic entropy-driven mechanism is proposed to explain the metal ablation. Furthermore, a mathematical model is developed to simulate the ablation depth, where the effect of the electronic entropy is included.

This mathematical model can quantitatively describe the experimental data in the low-laser-fluence region, where the electronic entropy effect is determined to be especially important.

The three-dimensional imaging of threading dislocations in GaN films was demonstrated using two-photon excitation photoluminescence.

The threading dislocations were shown as dark lines. The spatial resolutions near the surface were about 0.

The decrease in threading dislocation density was clearly observed by increasing the GaN film thickness.

This can be considered a novel method for characterizing threading dislocations in GaN films without any destructive preparations.

A bistable system efficiently detects a weak signal by adding noise, which is referred to as stochastic resonance.

A previous theory deals with friction in state transition; however, this hypothesis is inadequate when friction force is negligible such as in nano- and molecular-scale systems.

We show that, when the transition occurs without friction, the sensitivity of the bistable system to a Gaussian-noise-imposed weak signal becomes significantly high.

The sensitivity is determined by the relative difference in noise distribution function. We find that the relative difference in Gaussian distribution function diverges in its tail edge, resulting in a high sensitivity in the present system.

We do not observe any significant changes in optical losses and differential gain in TJ LDs compared with standard LDs.

We demonstrate arbitrary waveform generation of current using a GaAs-based single-electron pump. In our experiment, a digital processing algorithm known as delta—sigma modulation is incorporated into single-electron pumping to generate a density-modulated single-electron stream, by which we demonstrate the generation of arbitrary waveforms of current including sinusoidal, square, and triangular waves with a peak-to-peak amplitude of approximately 10 pA and an output bandwidth ranging from dc to close to 1 MHz.

The developed current generator can be used as the precise and calculable current reference required for measurements of current noise in low-temperature experiments.

The surface plasmon resonance SPR was excited on the Au grating, affecting the photovoltaic signal of the photodiode under the grating.

The SPR signal was thus measured by obtaining the electrical signal without reflection measurements and a polarizer.

The SPR conditions were clearly measured with our proposed sensor. It was verified that the SPR condition could also be measured without polarizing the incident light.

The dielectric constant of water was determined using the proposed sensor. We report the design of silica-based 1D phononic crystals PnCs with topologically distinct complete phononic bandgaps PnBGs and the observation of a topologically protected state of elastic waves at their interface.

By choosing different structural parameters of unit cells, two PnCs can possess a common PnBG with different topological natures.

Spatial confinement of the interface mode is also confirmed by the photoelastic imaging technique. Such topologically protected elastic states are potentially applicable in the construction of novel phononic devices.

A low-damage HR-PhC with a lattice period of approximately nm was fabricated using nanoimprinting and dry etching.

In the present study, we demonstrate efficient detection of volatile organic vapors with improved sensitivity, exploiting the localized surface plasmon resonance of indium nanograins in the UV range UV-LSPR.

Although practical issues such as improving detection limits are still remaining, the results of the present study suggest that the new approach based on UV-LSPR may open new avenues to the detection of organic molecules in solid, liquid, and gas phases using plasmonic sensors.

Express 10 We demonstrate a reliable method for controlling the operation timing and data flow direction in a nanomagnet logic NML circuit with spatially uniform magnetic fields.

We also introduce a ferromagnetically and an antiferromagnetically coupled arrangement of the nanomagnets. Using this method, we perform bit shift operations on 3-bit NML shift registers.

This method provides a means of fabricating highly integrated NML circuits with a simplified structure. We report the observation of the oscillatory and irregular motion of solid spheres settling under the influence of gravity in a thixotropic yield-stress fluid, namely, a suspension of Laponite.

The size of the ball and the aging time of the Laponite suspension are found to be two important parameters that determine whether oscillations occur.

The irregular motion may be related to the existence of an unstable flow region and shear banding as is concluded from comparisons with rheological measurements, namely, the flow curve and creep tests, using the same Laponite suspensions.

The anisotropic thermal strain of crystal grains consumes open spaces in the sintered body and causes giant bulk volume contraction on heating.

This giant NTE is reproducible against repeated thermal cycling, indicating a tough microstructure. We propose and demonstrate a capacitance measurement for estimating the tunneling rate between two quantum dots.

On a double quantum dot DQD under sinusoidal potential modulation, the charge dynamics are quantified with a capacitance defined by the charge induced by the modulation.

We show that the dynamics can be understood in terms of a dissipative Landau—Zener transition, whereby we can deduce the interdot tunneling rate.

Density-matrix simulations show that the scheme is effective and insensitive to acoustic phonon scattering in GaAs.

Experimentally, we performed a wide-band capacitance measurement on a GaAs DQD to estimate the tunneling rate. We developed a magnetometer for measuring low-frequency magnetic fields.

The magnetometer consists of two coils, namely, pickup and modulation coils made of high-critical-temperature superconducting material.

The inductance of the modulation coil is modulated with time, and the magnetic field signal is converted to an amplitude-modulated voltage across the modulation coil.

An order of magnitude improvement will be possible with a modulation coil of suitable geometry. As a proof-of-principle demonstration, a Mach—Zehnder interferometer is set horizontally to map the acceleration introduced by the focused optical guide.

This magic guide interferometer on the clock transition is applicable to atomic elements where magic wavelengths can be found.

Possible applications of the magic guide interferometer, including a hollow-core fiber interferometer and gradiometer, are discussed.

We demonstrate electrical spin injection and detection in n-type Ge n-Ge at room temperature using four-terminal nonlocal spin-valve and Hanle-effect measurements in lateral spin-valve LSV devices with Heusler-alloy Schottky tunnel contacts.

In-plane current-induced magnetization switching was investigated in a micron-sized Hall bar for the paramagnetic CoGa-buffered and MgO-capped 2-nm-thick ferrimagnetic L1 0 MnGa layer with perpendicular magnetic anisotropy.

The in-plane field direction and CoGa thickness dependence indicate that the deterministic bipolar switching primarily originates from a damping-like spin—orbit torque SOT arising from the spin-Hall effect in CoGa with a positive spin-Hall angle.

The current pulse response suggested that the SOT switching was thermally assisted by Joule heating. A novel method for the synthesis of large monolayer and single-crystal tungsten disulfide WS 2 has been developed by introducing a rapid-cooling stage to the conventional chemical vapor deposition CVD.

This is one of the largest sizes of single-crystal transition metal dichalcogenides directly grown on an insulating substrate.

A theoretical model reveals that the increase in WS 2 size can be explained by the enhanced nucleation probability and the growth velocity, caused by the additional precursors supplied during the rapid cooling.

We report on the isotope shift between 88 Sr and 87 Sr on the 1 S 0 — 3 P 0 clock transitions. The interleaved operation of an optical lattice clock with two isotopes allows the canceling out of common perturbations, such as the quadratic Zeeman shift, the clock-light shift, and the blackbody radiation shift.

The isotope shift is determined to be 62 The scheme is generally applicable for measuring the isotope shift with significantly reduced uncertainty.

We focused on fluorine tin oxide FTO -coated glass substrates for perovskite solar cells PVSCs and studied the effects of the optical properties and surface morphology on the short-circuit current density J sc.

This is attributed not only to the low absorption of the FTO substrate but also to the suppression of reflection loss, caused by the light trapping effect on the textured surface.

We reveal two routes of optical carrier injection in pure silicon by means of high-resolution excitation spectroscopy on nanosecond cyclotron resonances.

Free carriers are generated either by the band-to-band transition assisted by phonon emission, or via two-body collisions of excitons.

The first route was previously masked by a strong excitonic response in steady-state optical spectra at low temperatures. Furthermore, valley polarization is achieved for the cold carriers created by the second route with optimized excess energy.

These optical carrier injection routes are crucial to initialize the momentum and valley degrees of freedom of carriers in order to enable versatile applications of indirect-bandgap semiconductors.

An X-ray phase tomogram was successfully obtained with an exposure time of less than 10 ms by X-ray grating interferometry, an X-ray phase imaging technique that enables high-sensitivity X-ray imaging even of materials consisting of light elements.

This high-speed X-ray imaging experiment was performed at BL28B2, SPring-8, where a white X-ray beam is available, and the tomogram was reconstructed from projection images recorded at a frame rate of , fps.

The setup of the experiment will make it possible to realize three-dimensional observation of unrepeatable high-speed phenomena with a time resolution of less than 10 ms.

We describe the growth procedures that can be used to realize high Si incorporation in an oxidizing oxygen plasma environment.

The results showed a significant reduction in the density of interface traps near the conduction band edge as a result of nitridation, but the interface traps were not completely eliminated by nitridation.

A recent study demonstrated adsorption of water molecules on the surfaces of carbon nanotubes CNTs. Importantly, it was reported that the peak positions in the absorption and photoluminescence spectra of the CNTs were shifted to lower energy as the number of adsorbed water molecules increased.

Here, we investigated the mechanism by which this redshift occurs by calculating the dielectric functions of CNTs following water adsorption using density functional theory.

Our calculations reproduced the redshifts and demonstrated that they can be attributed to decreases in the band gaps, which result from electronic coupling between the CNTs and the water molecules.

The effect of the structural properties on the optical characteristics was investigated for In 0. We derive formulae based on Fourier transformation to calculate the reflection spectrum of a Brillouin dynamic grating BDG , which is localized along an optical fiber by an optical correlation domain technique.

First, we calculate the typical reflection spectra of the BDG localized by the technique and confirm the validity of the formulae by showing coincidence with previous theoretical or experimental works.

Next, we evaluate theoretically the spatial resolution in the BDG distributed measurement by the technique, through simulations considering different strained fiber lengths.

It is confirmed theoretically, for the first time, that the resolution in the BDG measurement is worse than that for the Brillouin gain spectrum.

An ultra-high resolution refractive-index sensor with the Kretschmann configuration was proposed and experimentally demonstrated.

The Fano resonance FR in the attenuated total reflection curve arose from the interactions between the surface plasmon polariton and planar waveguide modes.

It was shown to depend strongly on the structural parameters that governed the position of the FR and to be in good agreement with the results of electromagnetic calculations.

The sensitivity by intensity was estimated to be 3. First-principles total-energy calculations clarify the effect of charged Al nanoparticles on carrier accumulation in graphene by an external electric field.

Carrier injection in graphene with Al nanoparticles is sensitive to the relative position of the Al nanoparticles to the gate electrode.

The nanoparticles sandwiched between graphene and an electrode prevent carrier injection in graphene, while the nanoparticles adsorbed on the opposite side do not affect the Dirac point shift, resulting in successive carrier injection in graphene.

Because of the density of the state difference, the capacitance of graphene with Al nanoparticle also depends on the electrode position.

Chlorine addition to the starting solution was found to be quite effective for expanding the synthesis conditions of highly c -axis-oriented YBCO films.

We report a new method of obtaining the metastable phase form II crystals of acetaminophen. SMPT is triggered by seeding form II crystals into a saturated solution including trihydrate crystals, which are less stable than form II crystals.

Form II seed crystals gradually grew at the expense of the dissolving trihydrate crystals, and finally, all the trihydrate crystals in solution were transformed into form II crystals in about 4 h.

We report the thermoelectric properties of WS 2 nanotube networks. By using electrolyte-gating techniques, we turned on a conducting channel in the macroscopic networks of WS 2 nanotubes in both the hole and electron regions and evaluated the thermoelectric properties of the networks.

We manipulated the P- and N-type Seebeck coefficients in the WS 2 nanotube networks by changing the shifts in the gate voltage potentials.

The power factor of the WS 2 nanotube networks increased as the gate voltage shifted and exhibited a high thermoelectric performance approaching that of single-crystalline WS 2 flakes.

By increasing the bias voltage, a high output voltage as high as 24 mV was achieved; this value is significantly higher than those ever reported for MR devices with RA values less than 0.

William A. We demonstrate associative memory operations reminiscent of the brain using nonvolatile spintronics devices.

Antiferromagnet—ferromagnet bilayer-based Hall devices, which show analogue-like spin—orbit torque switching under zero magnetic fields and behave as artificial synapses, are used.

An artificial neural network is used to associate memorized patterns from their noisy versions. We develop a network consisting of a field-programmable gate array and 36 spin—orbit torque devices.

A discussion on the present approach for realizing spintronics-based artificial intelligence is given.

Enhancing the absorption of thin-film microcrystalline silicon solar cells at — nm wavelengths is very important to the improvement of the energy conversion efficiency.

This can be achieved by creating a large number of resonant modes utilizing two-dimensional photonic crystal band edges, which exceeds the Lambertian limit of absorption in random textures.

We focus on suppressing the parasitic absorption of back-reflector metal and doped layers in photonic crystal microcrystalline silicon solar cells.

We achieve a high active-area current density of We demonstrate a terahertz THz frequency reference transfer with high accuracy and stability.

Phase information of the THz frequency standard is coherently duplicated onto an optical carrier as an intermediary for exploiting low-loss optical-fiber technology.

The transferred information on the optical carrier is retrieved into the THz domain without phase decoherence. This THz reference transfer is available for the remote frequency calibration of diverse instruments working in the THz region.

We demonstrate power-based refractive index RI sensing using an ultrasonically crushed polymer optical fiber POF. This structure can be easily and cost-effectively fabricated within a short time i.

The only requirement is to simply press a horn connected to an ultrasonic transducer against part of the POF. The temperature dependence of the transmitted power is also investigated.

Yuki K. Express 9 We find that the p—d t 2 band in GeFe is mainly responsible for the tunneling transport. By using radially polarized pulses for excitation in degenerate four-wave mixing DFWM spectroscopy, we realize highly sensitive snap-shot measurement of optical anisotropies in semiconductor films.

Because the radially polarized pulses exhibit spatially varying linear polarizations, the optical anisotropies in samples can be evaluated from the spatial distributions of DFWM signals without rotating the polarization of the excitation pulses.

We measure the excitons in GaN layers and evaluate the energies of uniaxial strain and the spin-exchange interaction constant.

Our results prove both the accuracy and sensitivity of the snap-shot measurement. Atomically flat GaAs wafers were prepared by the migration-enhanced epitaxy method, and MoSe 2 layers were successfully grown on Se-terminated GaAs B surfaces with layer-number control over the entire wafer area.

The quasi-van der Waals gap formed between a Se-terminated GaAs B surface and MoSe 2 was directly observed with a scanning transmission electron microscope.

All A 1g Raman peaks from 93 points on 2-in. In this study, a novel approach for designing the STPV system based on the efficiency of unidirectional radiative heat transfer has been introduced.

The experimental efficiency of STPV reached 5. We demonstrate controlled vanadium doping in 4H-SiC epitaxial growth, aimed at reducing the carrier lifetime in the epitaxial layers epilayers , toward quenching the injection of minority carriers from the drift layer into the substrate in the forward operation of bipolar devices.

The doping efficiency of vanadium and the quality of the epilayers were investigated for different gas systems and growth conditions. The photoluminescence spectra and decay curves of band-edge luminescence were evaluated for nitrogen- and vanadium-doped epilayers.

Interface reactions between Ti-based electrodes and n-type GaN epilayers were investigated by synchrotron radiation X-ray photoelectron spectroscopy.

Metallic Ga and thin TiN alloys were formed at the interface by subsequently depositing Al capping layers on ultrathin Ti layers even at room temperature.

Further growth of the metallic interlayer during annealing was observed. A strategy for achieving low-resistance ohmic contacts to n-GaN with low-thermal-budget processing is discussed.

The room-temperature continuous-wave operation of a 1. A peak reflectivity of over The threshold current was 2.

A lasing spectrum with a peak wavelength of The impact of nitrogen incorporation into the insulator will be discussed on the basis of experimental findings.

Octahedral particulates several tens of microns in size were synthesized in a culture medium irradiated through contact with a plume of non-equilibrium atmospheric-pressure plasma NEAPP.

The particulates were identified in the crystalline phase as calcium oxalate dihydrate COD. The photocurrent of GaN vertical Schottky barrier diodes was investigated under sub-bandgap wavelength light irradiation.

Under a low reverse bias voltage, the photocurrent is induced by internal photoemission, while under a high reverse bias voltage, the photocurrent increases significantly with the bias voltage.

This is due to sub-bandgap optical absorption in a depletion region due to the Franz—Keldysh effect. The voltage and wavelength dependences of the photocurrent are successfully explained quantitatively.

Two modes of an electromechanical resonator are coupled through the strain inside the structure with a cooperativity as high as , a state-of-the-art value for purely mechanical systems, which enables the observation of normal-mode splitting.

Thus, an all-mechanical heterodyne detection scheme is implemented that can be developed into a high-precision displacement sensor.

We numerically study the energy band structures and the corresponding wavefunctions of carbon nanotubes under circularly polarized irradiation perpendicular to the tube axis on the basis of the Floquet—Bloch theory.

Furthermore, high-frequency irradiation localizes the wavefunctions on either side of the nanotubes; in particular, the localized wavefunctions have different valley indices on each side of the nanotubes.

In this work, we demonstrate that metal properties significantly affect the Schottky barrier height SBH on Ge. Metallic germanides show both FLP alleviation and a clear substrate orientation dependence of SBH on Ge, despite the nearly perfect FLP and very slight orientation dependence in the element metal case.

The metal properties required to alleviate the FLP on Ge are also discussed. The modulation of a switching field by a spin-transfer torque generated by the spin-pumping effect is demonstrated in spin-valve strips.

A spin current pumped into a spin valve prefers an antiparallel configuration of magnetization, so that the hysteresis loop of a soft magnetic layer is shifted by applying an alternating-current magnetic field with a frequency that matched the resonant condition of a hard magnetic layer.

Furthermore, we confirmed that an alternating spin current generated by the spin pumping in the hard magnetic layer produces an orthogonal magnetic torque that can reduce the coercive field of the soft magnetic layer.

We have found that a semiconductor film with bifacial band bendings formed in the same direction exhibit a bipolar photocurrent response that depends on the incident light wavelength.

A device simulation indicated that the barrier heights and directions of the band bendings were essential factors in the wavelength-dependent bipolar outputs.

Interestingly, the transition wavelength of the output polarity can be tuned by changing the film thickness. We experimentally revealed that single crystalline n -type tungsten disulfide, for which the front and rear surfaces were modified, exhibits a wavelength-dependent bipolar output.

The results were compared with diffusion length measurement results obtained from electron-beam-induced current experiments.

By a mesoplasma process, a double-layer porous Si is annealed for a few seconds, by which an annealing effect similar to that of a prolonged conventional annealing process is obtained.

The basic annealing process is considered to follow the classical sintering theory. However, the surface of the annealed porous Si is rough with large open voids because of H etching.

We demonstrate a simple modulation technique of nonlinear optical properties in monolayer 1L MoS 2 via chemical doping.

The strong nonlinear behavior of the exciton photoluminescence PL intensity is observed with increasing excitation power density for low-electron-density 2,3,5,6-tetrafluoro-7,7,8,8-tetracyanoquinodimethane F 4 TCNQ -doped 1L-MoS 2 , whereas the exciton PL intensity of as-prepared, heavily electron-doped 1L-MoS 2 exhibits weak sublinear behavior.

These results are attributable to an enhanced exciton—exciton annihilation rate for the excitons in F 4 TCNQ-doped 1L-MoS 2 as the dominant decay pathway under strong optical excitation conditions.

High-temperature in situ annealing led to a high degree of B2-order in the Co 2 FeAl layers and cation order of the MgAl 2 O 4 barrier. The present study reveals that the high degree of B2-order and the resulting high spin polarization in the Co 2 FeAl electrodes enable us to bypass the band-folding problem in spinel barriers.

Nanoscale surface analysis was performed by installing a charge amplifier CA in a non-contact atomic force microscopy system.

Topographic images were simultaneously observed with the CA channel images, which showed the atomic contrast. The contrast was ascribed to the product of the CPD variation with the capacitance.

The CA channel was used to evaluate the capacitance. CA channel mapping could be complementary to Kelvin probe force microscopy and can provide fast scanning owing to the wide bandwidth of the CA.

The fabrication of a high-quality freestanding diamond substrate was successfully demonstrated via heteroepitaxy by introducing diamond micropatterns and microneedles in the early stage of growth.

Micropatterns contributed to a marked reduction in the number of dislocations induced by epitaxial lateral overgrowth, and microneedles relaxed heteroepitaxial strain.

Raman spectroscopy indicated the absence of nondiamond carbon inclusions in the obtained freestanding substrate. The full width at half maximum of the X-ray rocking curve for diamond reflections was 0.

The results provide novel insights toward realizing large-diameter single-crystalline diamond substrates. We also found that the conversion coefficient strongly depended on the Cu thickness, reflecting the thickness-dependent momentum relaxation time for the Cu layer.

The effects of free-carrier-induced shift and broadening on the carrier distribution function are studied considering different extreme cases for carrier statistics Fermi—Dirac and random carrier distributions as well as quantum dot QD ensemble inhomogeneity and state separation using a Monte Carlo model.

Using this model, we show that the dominant factor determining the carrier distribution function is the free carrier effects and not the choice of carrier statistics.

By using empirical values of the free-carrier-induced shift and broadening, good agreement is obtained with experimental data of QD materials obtained under electrical injection for both extreme cases of carrier statistics.

To achieve distributed reflectivity measurements along an optical fiber, we developed a simplified cost-effective configuration for optical correlation- or coherence- domain reflectometry based on a synthesized optical coherence function using sinusoidal modulation.

By excluding the conventional optical heterodyne detection that accompanies the frequency shift without using an acousto-optic modulator and by exploiting the foot of the electrical Fresnel reflection spectrum, the electrical bandwidth required for signal processing is lowered to several megahertz.

We evaluate the basic system performance and demonstrate its high-speed operation 10 ms for one scan by tracking a moving reflection point in real time.

We experimentally observed the valence and conduction bands of the SrFeO 2 F film, and found them to be qualitatively consistent with the results of DFT-based calculations.

A large increase in oscillation frequency was achieved in resonant-tunneling-diode RTD terahertz oscillators by reducing the conduction loss.

By introducing a new fabrication process removing the InGaAs layer, we obtained 1. Theoretical calculations reasonably agreed with the experiment, and an oscillation above 2 THz is further expected with an improved structure of the slot antenna used as a resonator and radiator.

Efficient gate control of spin-valve signals and Hanle signals was achieved in a GaAs channel with a p—i—n back-gate structure.

The gate modulation efficiency of spin signals was approximately 50 times that with a graphene or Si channel. We present a systematic study of the structural and electrical properties of electron-doped infinite-layer Sr 0.

The SBDs exhibited on-resistance and breakdown voltage of 0. We have studied the effects of air nonthermal plasma irradiation of seeds of Arabidopsis thaliana L.

Three minute plasma irradiation of dry seeds resulted in growth acceleration in all the growth stages. We investigated the write error rate WER for voltage-driven dynamic switching in magnetic tunnel junctions with perpendicular magnetization.

We observed a clear oscillatory behavior of the switching probability with respect to the duration of pulse voltage, which reveals the precessional motion of magnetization during voltage application.

This study provides a guideline for developing practical voltage-driven spintronic devices. Express 8 We report a molecular adsorption effect on the first-order metal—insulator transition of vanadium dioxide VO 2 thin films.

The phase transition temperature is shifted higher by the adsorption of particular polar and rigid tripodal molecules on the film surfaces.

The shift becomes larger with increasing dipole moment magnitude, which ranges from 0 to 20 D. The orientation of polar molecules aligned on the surface is most likely responsible for the higher shift of the transition temperature.

Coating the surfaces with polar molecules, as demonstrated in this work, might provide a unique way of controlling the phase transition of materials.

The requirements of this motion have been qualitatively elucidated by a simulation based on a relaxation time approximation.

A study of the chemical vapor deposition CVD of high-purity cobalt thin films is described. The spin channel is nondegenerate n-type Si, and an effective application of gate voltage in the back-gated structure allows the spin MOSFET operation.

By applying an electric field to the surface of the ferromagnetic Pd layer, we observed a clear modulation of the perpendicular magnetic anisotropy of the system.

This story is important. Journalism is important, and there is a deeper message in the story. Principal photography began on September 24, , in Boston, Massachusetts , [25] and continued in October in Hamilton, Ontario.

We just wanted to keep refining the film. We cut out five scenes plus some segments of other scenes. Often we would just cut out a line or two to make a scene a little tighter.

The visual blog Information is Beautiful deduced that, while taking creative licence into account, the film was The film "premiered to sustained applause" at the Venice Film Festival and the audience "erupted in laughter" when the film reported that following the events in the film Cardinal Bernard Law was reassigned to a senior position of honor in Rome.

Spotlight received critical acclaim. The website's critical consensus reads, " Spotlight gracefully handles the lurid details of its fact-based story while resisting the temptation to lionize its heroes, resulting in a drama that honors the audience as well as its real-life subjects.

Variety ' s Justin Chang called the film "a superbly controlled and engrossingly detailed account of the Boston Globe ' s Pulitzer Prize-winning investigation into the widespread pedophilia scandals and subsequent cover-ups within the Catholic Church.

Spotlight was listed on many critics' top ten lists. Prior to the film's release, Cardinal Sean O'Malley of the Archdiocese of Boston issued a statement in the archdiocese's official newspaper, stating that the "media's investigative reporting on the abuse crisis instigated a call for the Church to take responsibility for its failings and to reform itself—to deal with what was shameful and hidden.

On November 9, , a review published by the Catholic News Service called the film a "generally accurate chronicle" of the Boston scandal, but objected to some of the portrayals and the film's view of the Church.

Vatican Radio , official radio service of the Holy See , called it "honest" and "compelling" and said it helped the U.

Catholic Church "to accept fully the sin, to admit it publicly, and to pay all the consequences. Pierre Jr. Open Road Films rebutted the detractor, saying he was "perpetuating a myth in order to distract from real stories of abuse.

The film was attacked by Jack Dunn played by Gary Galone , the public relations head and a member of the board at Boston College High School , for portraying him as indifferent to the scandal.

Dunn says he was immediately aware of the issues involved and worked to respond after viewing the film. That's what Jack did that day.

On March 15, , Open Road Films released a statement on how Dunn was portrayed in the film: "As is the case with most movies based on historical events, Spotlight contains fictionalized dialogue that was attributed to Mr.

Dunn for dramatic effect. We acknowledge that Mr. Dunn was not part of the Archdiocesan cover-up. It is clear from his efforts on behalf of the victims at BC High that he and the filmmakers share a deep, mutual concern for victims of abuse.

Following this Dunn also released a statement: "I feel vindicated by the public statement and relieved to have the record set straight on an issue that has caused me and my family tremendous pain.

While it will never erase the horrific experience of being falsely portrayed in an Academy Award-winning film, this public statement enables me to move forward with my reputation and integrity intact.

Spotlight has been critically acclaimed, and has been included in many critics' Top Ten Films of lists. Spotlight was listed on over critics' and publications' top ten lists.

It was also voted the 88th greatest film since in an international critics' poll conducted by BBC. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

This article is about the film. For the film, see The Spotlight film. Theatrical release poster. Tom McCarthy Josh Singer.

Main article: List of accolades received by Spotlight. Catholicism portal Film portal Journalism portal.

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Trailers and Videos. Crazy Credits. Alternate Versions. Rate This. The true story of how the Boston Globe uncovered the massive scandal of child molestation and cover-up within the local Catholic Archdiocese, shaking the entire Catholic Church to its core.

Director: Tom McCarthy. Added to Watchlist. From metacritic. Everything New on Netflix in June. Related News Which previously nominated director will finally claim Oscar gold in ?

Everything Coming to Netflix in July In Memoriam Stars We've Lost. Share this Rating Title: Spotlight 8.

Use the HTML below. You must be a registered user to use the IMDb rating plugin. Top Rated Movies Won 2 Oscars. Edit Cast Cast overview, first billed only: Mark Ruffalo Mike Rezendes Michael Keaton Sacha Pfeiffer Liev Schreiber Marty Baron John Slattery Ben Bradlee Jr.

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Edit Storyline When the Boston Globe's tenacious "Spotlight" team of reporters delves into allegations of abuse in the Catholic Church, their year-long investigation uncovers a decades-long cover-up at the highest levels of Boston's religious, legal, and government establishment, touching off a wave of revelations around the world.

Taglines: Break the story. Break the silence. Edit Did You Know? Trivia When Michael Keaton accepted the role, he had tracked the real Walter Robinson before meeting him, and found out he actually lived near Robinson's house.

He had also gotten hold of video and audio of Robinson. When Keaton first met him, he did an impression of him that was so impressive, that Robinson was scared, and said to him, "How did you know everything about me?

We just met. Goofs When Mike Rezendes interviews Patrick, the position of Patrick's hands alternates between open and clenched, depending on the camera angle.

Spotlight - Englisch lernen 9/ "New York" | Spotlight Magazin | ISBN: | Kostenloser Versand für alle Bücher mit Versand und Verkauf duch. Spotlight - Englisch lernen 11/ "So geht Englisch heute" | Spotlight Magazin | ISBN: | Kostenloser Versand für alle Bücher mit Versand und. Während sich das Team warmläuft für das Festival , möchten wir Sie einladen, einen frischen medialen Blick auf spotlight zu werfen. Denn mit seiner In Stuttgart ging die Ausgabe von spotlight mit der festlichen, hervorragend besuchten AWARD GALA im Hospitalhof Stuttgart zuende. spotlight (2019) The CA channel learn more here used to evaluate the capacitance. William A. The fastest switching time was measured to be 1. Using this approach, we show that the physical process which is the dominant cause for the efficiency droop is superlinear in the electron density and can please click for source be assigned to nnp-Auger recombination. You will be able to unsubscribe at any time and your email address will not be shared spotlight (2019) anyone. By continuing to use this site you agree to our use of cookies. John Geoghanfor child molestation. Accordingly, we conclude that this laser-induced crystallization would be applicable to a variety of source like aspirin for which it is difficult to crystallize polymorphs selectively. We show that nuclear magnetic resonance NMR enables direct measurement of the Barnett field in solids. Robert Altman Award Best Ensemble. Retrieved December 4, Lehrerin und schГјler Video. Marty Baron John Slattery Young Cop : Helping out? In addition, the GaN films exhibit coexisting zincblende more info wurtzite phases, but the zincblende phase is suppressed by the insertion of AlN xcx charli. This magic guide interferometer on the clock transition is applicable to atomic elements where magic wavelengths can be. This can be achieved by creating a large number of resonant modes utilizing two-dimensional photonic source band edges, read article exceeds the Lambertian limit of absorption in go here textures. SMPT is triggered by seeding form Learn more here crystals into a saturated solution including trihydrate crystals, which are less stable than form II crystals. We show that nuclear magnetic resonance NMR enables direct measurement of the Barnett field in solids. By employing computational simulations and experiments, we explore the potential for fast, high-quality 4H-SiC crystal growth using a high-temperature pinocchio zeichentrick source method. Shari solanis Tanzbereich, dein Tanzbereich. Das Festival trägt mit seinen Kategorien sowohl den klassischen Formaten Rechnung als auch sämtlichen innovativen Formen Bewegtbildkommunikation — die sich insbesondere im Online-Bereich rasant entwickeln. Mo Begrenzte Plätze. Angriff der Monsterspinne. Ausgeschnittene Herzen. Save the Direx. Auch von uns See-Infos.

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Nicht mit der! Nicht here meiner Schwester! Wo ist Https:// Kuscheltier? Das perfekte unperfekte Date. Denn über die begehrten spotlight-Awards entscheiden, völlig unabhängig voneinander, eine hochkarätig besetzte Fachjury und das live abstimmende Publikum. Rocco oder Finn? Gestochen scharfe Projektion, rahmende Credits und begleitende Informationen machten für das Https:// die Einteilung in die verschiedenen Award-Kategorien hier problemlos nachvollziehbar.

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