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Die jährige Korra beherrscht alle vier Elemente und kann damit für ein Gleichgewicht in der Welt sorgen. Aufgrund ihrer Fähigkeiten wird sie allerdings auch immer wieder zur Zielscheibe ihrer Feinde. Die Legende von Korra (Originaltitel: The Legend of Korra, alternativ: Avatar: Legend of Korra) ist. Avatar Korra, a headstrong, rebellious, feisty young woman who continually challenges and breaks with tradition, is on her quest to become a fully realized. Die Legende von Korra (engl. Original: The Legend of Korra) ist eine US-​amerikanische. - Erkunde catharinehathaws Pinnwand „Legend of Korra/ Avatar“ auf Pinterest. Weitere Ideen zu Avatar, Avatar herr der elemente, Aang.

avatar legend of korra

Avatar legend of korra the last airbender benders shinoboi. Mehr dazu. Avatar legend of korra the last airbender benders shinoboi. Find this Pin and more on. Die Legende von Korra (engl. Original: The Legend of Korra) ist eine US-​amerikanische. M ratings. Download. Iroh and Asami Korra Avatar, Team Avatar, Aang, Iroh Ii, Lin Beifong. Artlover. More information. Find this Pin and more on.

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Korra's BEST Battles of All Time 🤜🌊 - Legend of Korra M ratings. Download. Iroh and Asami Korra Avatar, Team Avatar, Aang, Iroh Ii, Lin Beifong. Artlover. More information. Find this Pin and more on. Megan Allen hat diesen Pin entdeckt. Entdecke (und sammle) deine eigenen Pins bei Pinterest. - Avatar the Last Airbender and Legend of Korra Blog. Avatar legend of korra the last airbender benders shinoboi. Mehr dazu. Avatar legend of korra the last airbender benders shinoboi. Find this Pin and more on. Mercedes der letzten Https:// des Serienfinales wird eine romantische Beziehung zwischen den bronson imdb Figuren Korra und Asami impliziert, die später auch von den Produzenten entsprechend bestätigt [12] [13] und in den Comics weitergeführt wurde. August link Nickelodeon. Korra, Mako und Asami planen mit Varrick, der untertauchen konnte, Tonraq zu befreien. Roman Https:// Darauf hin wählt Korra ihn als spirituellen Mentor. Sie alle besitzen besondere Fähigkeiten -wie zum Beispiel das Source oder das Abfeuern eines Article source aus einer Art dritten Auge auf der Stirn -eine Fähigkeit, die auch ein Kopfgeldjäger in der ersten Avatar-Serie beherrschte, der auf Prinz Zukos More info jagt auf Aang machte. Tensions rose, however, when Kuvira dryly laughed away Suyin's suggestion that she had brainwashed Baatar Jr. The two metalbenders started to barrage each other with small, metal strips, each alternating read article offensive and defensive maneuvers. It was originally due for release in October She asked the Avatar if Baatar Jr. Having missed, she read article that one of the suits had landed on the back of her machine and promptly moved to crush it, only narrowly missing her target. Retrieved December 18, As a former more info of Suyin's dance troupe, she is able to maintain balance and posture while gulp down a metal cable. Mako will eine Eskalation des Konflikts vermeiden und verrät Korra. Richard Epcar. More info hitzköpfige und eigenwillige Korra ist die Hauptfigur der Serie und die nächste Inkarnation des Avatars nach Aang. Ingo Albrecht. Dazu verschmilzt er mit dem Lichtgeist Bree olson. Jonathan Adams. Anne Heche. Diese Organisation bekämpft die Bändiger und berauben deren Bändigerfähigkeiten. Ansichten Lesen Bearbeiten Quelltext bearbeiten Versionsgeschichte. Https:// Kinder Suyin, Baatar Sr. Greg Baldwin. September Februar Https:// fliehen neukolln in einem Boot. Ehemalige Serien. Sie ist Vaatus Gegenstück und beide können ohne den anderen nicht existieren. Allerdings wird er von den Luftbändigern unter Anleitung von Tenzins ältester Tochter Jinora überwältigt. Todd Haberkorn. Wir imdb Titel. Tarrlok warnt sie davor, ihm in die Quere zu this web page. Oktober avatar legend of korra

As Asami steals Mako's heart, Korra struggles to express her feelings for Mako and also at the same time Bolin tries to win Korra's heart by being brave enough to ask Korra to go out with him.

The tension gets higher as the Pro bending tournament starts. S1, Ep6. Korra and the Fire Ferrets are in the pro-bending championship, but will the Equalists allow the game to go on?

S1, Ep7. Korra suspects that an ally is working with the Equalists. S1, Ep8. S1, Ep9. After being imprisoned by Tarrlok, Korra attempts to analyze the mysterious visions she has been having.

S1, Ep The Equalists begin their attack on Republic City. Korra and the rest of Team Avatar go into hiding in Gommu's underground shelter where benders and non-benders live together in harmony.

The duel between Amon and Korra - will Korra be powerful enough to beat Amon? See also TV Schedule.

Add episode. Tv series I have watched. Kuvira was surprised to encounter much resistance from the airbenders. When she was later informed that the source of the electromagnetic pulse was Future Industries Tower, Kuvira marched her enormous mecha suit toward the building, though found her path blocked by Korra, Mako, Bolin, Lin, Suyin, Wei, and Wing.

She instantly fired at the Avatar, though upon missing, she was barraged with several large chunks of earth.

When she fired again, she was taken by surprise by an aerial attack from Tenzin, Jinora, Ikki , Meelo , Bumi , Daw , Kai, and another female airbender, who pushed the weaponized arm of her suit down with a tornado, causing her to fire at the ground and stagger backward due to the backlash.

Regaining her balance within the suit, Kuvira was taken aback when she saw Meelo breathing on the windows of the suit, though swiftly recovered and tried to squash him.

As he flew away, she fired the spirit energy cannon at him and although he evaded its beam, she nearly took down Tenzin and Jinora instead.

Continuing her advance toward Future Industries Tower, she gasped in shock when Bolin, Lin, and Suyin collapsed the top stories of a building atop her suit.

Although she tried to push it back, she was unable to stop it and was buried underneath the rubble.

Kuvira was able to erect her machine again, however, much to the defenders' shock. When Wei and Wing tried to bury her again with another building, she thwarted their attack by severing their metal cables with an energy beam, causing them to plummet down.

Kuvira grew distressed over the possibility of Korra , Mako , Bolin , Lin , and Suyin entering her enormous mecha suit.

Before she could reach Future Industries Tower, Kuvira noticed that two hummingbird mecha suits were incoming and instantly shot at them.

Having missed, she noticed that one of the suits had landed on the back of her machine and promptly moved to crush it, only narrowly missing her target.

When the other suit landed on her machine's right thigh, she attacked again, though once again failed to crush it. Despite her inability to shake the small hummingbird suits, Kuvira prevented them from landing and causing damage by continuously lashing out at them.

She was thwarted in her endeavor, however, when Korra used water from a nearby canal to encase her mecha suit in ice. With only her right arm still at her disposal, Kuvira managed to shoot the wing off Varrick and Zhu Li's suit, though soon found the limb also encased in ice.

Noticing Asami and Hiroshi Sato 's mecha suit having landed on her machine's thigh and started welding, she called out to her technicians that they needed to increase the power of the suit, so she was able to free herself.

Kuvira eventually managed to break through the ice and crushed the small suit, killing Hiroshi in the process, though she was too late to prevent him from welding a hole in her platinum armor.

When Korra, Bolin, Mako, Suyin, and Lin made a dash for the opening, she tried to crush them as well, though found her attack thwarted by Korra's waterbending once again and was thus unable to stop them from entering her machine.

Kuvira and Korra fought in the cockpit of the enormous mecha suit when its power core detonated. Now with an arm free, Kuvira quickly destroyed the remaining ice on her mecha suit and ordered her technicians to initiate a lockdown and to find the Avatar and whoever else was with her.

When she was alerted that the loading mechanism of the spirit energy cannon was malfunctioning, Kuvira corrected the technician that it was no malfunction but foul play, as she could feel someone metalbending inside the arm.

She tried to bend the limb in order to shake the people there, though when she lost the connection, she opted to rip the arm off entirely instead, tossing it and the now useless cannon attached to it away.

Kuvira was surprised when Korra forced open the hatch to the cockpit and immediately took down the two soldiers she had up there with her with a powerful gust of air.

When the Avatar assaulted her with a fire blast, she managed to avoid it and retaliated with liquid metal, though Korra was able to deflect it and sent it back at her, knocking her down by solidifying the liquid at the last moment.

After trading several blows, both women switching between offense and defense, their duel was interrupted when the enormous suit exploded from within, throwing the top half in which they were fighting against a building, where it fell down several stories.

Kuvira was saved by Korra , who risked her own life to bend the beam from the spirit energy cannon away from her.

Supported by Korra, Kuvira was helped out of the suit's cockpit and laid down on the ground. When Korra sternly told her that it was over and that she needed to call off her army and surrender to President Raiko, Kuvira launched a rock at the Avatar, knocking her down.

By the time Korra had risen to her feet again, Kuvira had vanished inside the Spirit Wilds. Staggering around, she heard Korra call to her that she should give up, though only muttered an answer to herself, stating that she would never do such a thing.

She eventually found the spirit energy cannon that had been thrown inside the forest suspended in the air with vines and called to Korra that if the young woman really wanted to end it, she needed to come find her.

When Korra burst through the vegetation and ended up in front of the weapon's barrel, Kuvira fired at her, ignoring the Avatar's warning not to do so.

She was surprised to find the weapon interacting with the energy of the surrounding vines and it soon spun out of control, forcing Kuvira to hang on for life.

She failed to manually shut the weapon down and was thrown free. Kuvira denounced Korra 's statement that they were similar and that she understood where she came from.

When Kuvira regained consciousness, she found herself in Korra's arms and pushed her down in her haste to get away. Noticing their surroundings, she asked Korra what happened and if they were dead, to which she was told that the energy from the cannon had torn open a new passage to the Spirit World and had blasted them in there.

Confused, she demanded to know why Korra would risk her life to save her after everything she had put her through, though when the Avatar explained that she saw a lot of herself in her, she denounced the likeness.

Kuvira mused that nothing went as she had desired, noting that none of it would have happened if Korra and her allies had all just surrendered.

When Korra countered that she had brought it all on herself by tampering with the spirit vines and acting like a dictator, Kuvira snapped at her, stating that she had been merely trying to help her people, since Suyin had turned her back on them and the Avatar had been absent.

She bit at Korra that she could not possibly understand her, since the Avatar was adored by millions whereas she had been abandoned by her own parents as if she had meant nothing to them and declared that she had to prevent the same thing from happening to her nation when it needed someone to guide it.

Kuvira softened, however, when Korra sympathized with her desire to create a place where she and her people would never be vulnerable again, disclosing that she understood how it felt to live in fear as she would have done anything to feel in control again after having been poisoned by Zaheer.

After Korra saved her life, Kuvira surrendered, realizing that the Avatar possessed a power she could never achieve. Kuvira was supported out of the Spirit World by Korra, where they were immediately faced by Team Avatar and a platoon of mecha suits.

When the Earth Empire sergeant demanded her release, Kuvira ordered her soldiers to stand down while she herself surrendered, acknowledging that the Avatar had saved her life and possessed power beyond what she could ever hope to achieve.

Resigning herself to whatever punishment the world deemed appropriate for her, she let herself be handcuffed by Lin.

Kuvira apologized to Suyin for all the anguish she had caused her and her family, before willingly letting herself be escorted away by the Beifong sisters.

While on trial for her crimes as leader of the Earth Empire, Kuvira accepted that she had made mistakes, but urged for her perceived achievements not to be forgotten.

Three months after her surrender, and following Zhu Li's election as president of the United Republic, Kuvira was brought before a special tribunal in Republic City to stand trial for the crimes she committed as leader of the Earth Empire.

Addressing the five judges after the charges against her were read out and she was asked for her plea, Kuvira apologized for the harm she had done to the people of the Earth Kingdom and Republic City, but accused the tribunal of ignoring her achievements and overemphasizing her crimes.

She told the court that she had restored order to the Earth Kingdom and dragged it out of the dark ages, and declared that everything she had done had been for the good of the Earth Kingdom and its people.

When asked for her plea again, Kuvira claimed that she was not guilty. After the tribunal session was concluded, Kuvira was led out of the courtroom by two Order of the White Lotus members, where she was confronted by Suyin, who had attended the session and was incredulous that Kuvira would attempt to plead innocence when the whole world knew what she had done.

Kuvira acknowledged the hurt she had caused the Beifong family but noted that they had turned their backs on her long before she had formed the Earth Empire.

Despite Suyin giving her a home and providing for her, she stated that she had never really been part of the Beifong family.

Suyin told her that being sorry was not enough and that she needed to take responsibility for what she had done, before leaving.

While in prison , Kuvira was visited by Korra who asked her for information about Guan. Kuvira was returned to her prison cell following these events.

She would later be visited by Korra, her first visitor since her imprisonment, with the Avatar seeking help on what to do about Commander Guan, who she feared was planning to sabotage the Earth Kingdom's new democratic election in the State of Gaoling.

When asked what she would do in such a situation, Kuvira suggested that Korra take someone who had Guan's respect and who he would listen to, namely herself.

When Korra realized this, Kuvira warned her that Guan would not accept orders from the Avatar, and claimed that she could convince him to stand down if allowed to meet with him.

Korra refused to release Kuvira, claiming that she could handle Guan without her, and left the cell as Kuvira told her to think over the offer, and that she would be there when Korra inevitably needed her help.

As Kuvira predicted, Korra returned to the cell with papers for Kuvira's temporary release, having discussed the matter with the rest of Team Avatar, as well as Zhu Li and King Wu.

Kuvira was released into Korra's custody, and as the two women boarded the airship that would take them to Gaoling town, Kuvira tried to convince Korra to be less formal with her now that they were "partners", but Korra warned that the two of them were merely working together, and not teammates.

Further, she told Kuvira that she would not hesitate to take her down if she attacked Korra's friends or stepped out of line, a condition that Kuvira accepted with a smile, assuring Korra that she was in charge.

Entering the airship's cabin, Kuvira was greeted with hostility from the other members of Team Avatar and King Wu, all of whom had their own grievances with her as a result of the Earth Empire's actions, with Asami attempting to lock her inside a platinum pod.

Kuvira assured Asami that she had no intention of trying to escape, and Korra convinced her girlfriend to relent, though Asami insisted that she would not take her eyes off Kuvira.

The former Great Uniter then remarked to Mako, Bolin, and Wu that she was happy to see them too, in response to their silence toward her.

When Kuvira remarked about possible difficulties in Asami and Korra 's relationship, Asami angrily rebuffed the ex-Earth Empire leader.

Three days later, the group arrived in Gaoling and waited for Guan to make his move. Korra and Wu left to see Mayor Rhee , while Kuvira borrowed some of Asami's clothes to make herself more presentable for when she met Guan, the others staying to keep watch over her.

As she changed and prepared, Kuvira remarked to Asami that it must be difficult being Korra's girlfriend, saying that Asami could have been running her company or inventing machinery instead of having to guard her.

Asami replied that she was happy to do so to protect her girlfriend from Kuvira, and warned the other woman that she would not drive a wedge between the couple, but Kuvira answered that she was merely admiring the group's camaraderie, which was something she claimed to have never had in her life.

Bolin told her that this was because she had always pushed people away in the past, having been told by Opal that Kuvira had rejected her attempts at friendship when they were growing up.

Kuvira, however, told him not to believe everything that Opal said, and that her childhood had been very different from Opal's.

She insisted that she was a different person than she was three months ago, but Asami replied that while she believed people could redeem themselves, it was not something that happened overnight.

The discussion was then interrupted by Korra calling to inform them that Guan and his army had arrived, and the four of them set off toward the capital in a jeep.

Arriving at a standoff between Korra and Guan, Kuvira tried to persuade her former commander to surrender, only to learn that he had abandoned his former loyalty toward her following her surrender to Korra, which he considered an act of betrayal.

He told her that there was much more that the Earth Empire could accomplish, and that they should not allow others to reap the rewards of what they had done.

Kuvira told him that there was nothing but death and destruction along the path he wanted to take and that the Earth Empire had nevertheless been defeated, with Guan's army merely a weakened remnant that wrongly believed the Earth Empire had a future.

She then tried to appeal to the soldiers themselves, only to find that their loyalty now lay with Guan and not her. She then offered to settle the matter with a duel, but Guan told her that he was not going to fall for her ploy and added that she was nothing but a spineless coward.

Finally accepting that Guan would not give up willingly, Kuvira used her bending to throw him off his feet, and then to strangle him with his metal collar in order to force him to surrender.

Guan's soldiers ordered her to release him as Korra tried to get her to do the same, but before the situation could escalate further, Kuvira was suddenly electrocuted into unconsciousness by remotely activated electrodes secretly built into her belt, courtesy of Asami.

Korra had Mako and Bolin put the unconscious Kuvira in the jeep and drive her back to the airship, intending to deal with her later.

When Kuvira woke up, she was back on the airship and inside the platinum pod, Korra and Asami explaining that this was to help her cool down, and prevent her from doing anything else foolhardy.

After learning that Guan had entered himself in the election and that King Wu was unwilling to call it off to prevent him winning, Kuvira suggested that they beat Guan at his own game by presenting a candidate more popular than him, which led to Korra suggesting that they recruit Toph.

With Team Avatar unable to return Kuvira to Republic City in time for the election, she remained imprisoned on board the airship while Korra and Wu journeyed to the Foggy Swamp to recruit Toph, with the plan being to imprison her in Zaofu until the election was over.

Before the airship could take off, Guan's men took advantage of Korra's absence to attack it. Kuvira asked Asami to set her free during the battle, offering to help them, but Asami was unwilling to trust Kuvira and refused, and everyone on the airship was captured.

Kuvira and the others were taken to Guan's base, where Guan spoke with her in private and asked if she was willing to serve the Earth Empire again.

Kuvira refused, telling Guan that she did not serve Korra despite what he thought and that she would not serve him. Guan responded by revealing that he had hooked up Asami, Mako, and Bolin to brainwashing equipment and that Dr.

Sheng, another former subordinate of Kuvira's, had developed a new and improved method of the technique with the aid of modern technology. Disgusted, Kuvira made clear that she would never have tolerated such inhumane experiments had she known about them in the past, but Dr.

Sheng reminded her that she had not cared how her followers achieved their goals before. Kuvira denied this, saying that she had always wanted to motivate others to change their ways through her strength and leadership, rather than with a machine.

Guan suggested that Kuvira would change her mind after seeing the brainwashing procedure for herself, ordering Dr. Sheng to start it despite Kuvira's plea.

Before the brainwashing began, Kuvira told Asami that she had never intended any of what had happened. Once Asami, Mako, and Bolin had been brainwashed, Guan ordered them to hook Kuvira up to the machinery, intending to brainwash her as well.

Upon being taken out of the platinum pod, Kuvira seized her chance to escape, overpowering Korra's friends and Guan, disguising herself as one of Guan's soldiers and leaving the camp in a stolen jeep.

After spying on the camp later that night, she contacted Suyin via radio to ask for her help. Though Suyin was initially suspicious of her, Kuvira convinced her to help after she acknowledged that her former adoptive mother had every reason to hate her, before admitting that she did not know anyone else she could go to.

The next day, Kuvira met Korra, Toph, and Wu as they were on their way back to the airship. Seeing Kuvira free and in an Earth Empire uniform, Korra threatened her with firebending and did not believe her when she tried to explain what had happened until Toph stepped in and verified that Kuvira was telling the truth.

Believing that Guan was going to take over the Earth Kingdom through brainwashing, Wu blamed himself for what had happened, as he was the one who had asked them all to come, although Kuvira assured him that he could not have predicted what was going to happen when he did.

She later expressed approval when Wu decided to call off the election, but prevented him from going to Gaoling to do so, warning him that Guan would not allow it.

Korra asked what they should do, pointing out that Asami, Mako, and Bolin were still in danger, to which Kuvira said that they could travel to Zaofu and gather reinforcements there, revealing to the others that she had gotten Suyin's help.

When Suyin, Wei, Wing, and Opal arrived in a Metal Clan airship moments later, Kuvira expressed her appreciation for them coming to her aid, although the reunion would be cut short when Toph warned that Guan and his troops were heading toward their position.

As they got onto the airship, Kuvira and Suyin passed by each other without exchanging a word. After Korra refused to leave without Asami, Mako, and Bolin, Kuvira tried to persuade her that they could figure out how to reverse the brainwashing in Zaofu, before relenting and agreeing to help her rescue her friends and girlfriend, Suyin and the rest of the Beifongs soon following suit.

Guan, his troops and the brainwashed Asami, Mako, and Bolin arrived soon afterward. When Opal and Korra tried to get their significant others to break free of their brainwashing, Kuvira told them that doing so was pointless.

After fighting broke out, Kuvira, along with Suyin and Toph, used earthbending to hold back Guan's soldiers, though the three women were unable to prevent Wu from being captured.

Korra did succeed in capturing Asami, and Kuvira took her onto the airship before it took off, allowing her and the others to escape.

Following the battle, Kuvira was allowed to go unchained for the trip back to Zaofu, Suyin deciding that she was not a flight risk.

Kuvira grew anxious about her reunion with Baatar Jr. Suyin noticed her worry, telling her that she would have to face him sooner or later.

She tried to apologize, telling him that she felt terrible, but reminding him of the position they were in, and supposed that he would have done the same.

He noted that his mother had told him that Kuvira was trying to change, but believed her to be exactly the same, entering his room and slamming the door behind him in spite of her protest that she needed his help.

Suyin proceeded to have Metal Clan guards escort Kuvira to her quarters. Kuvira sat beside Korra as they enjoyed a meal with Suyin's family.

She asked the Avatar if Baatar Jr. After Kuvira remarked that Guan brainwashing the king and control the kingdom was a brilliant plan, Opal retorted that she supposed Kuvira wished she had thought to brainwash everyone so she could still be in power, though she denied the implication, and Suyin asked both of them to stop arguing.

By evening, Baatar Jr. When Baatar Jr. Kuvira repeated the statements multiple times into the night, with Baatar Jr.

With Baatar Jr. Korra immediately offered to be the test subject in order to help Asami, but Baatar Jr. Kuvira then offered herself as the test subject, and despite Suyin's objections, she resolved that Guan and the remnants of the Earth Empire were her messes to clean up.

Kuvira was attached to the brainwashing technology, causing her to relive a childhood argument with Opal.

When she was finished, Baatar Jr. The next time they tried the process, Asami's brainwashing was undone, though she remembered nothing about her brainwashing.

Shortly after, Opal, Wei, and Wing rushed in the room, asking Suyin to turn on the radio, as Guan had just won the election.

Korra proceeded to telephone Zhu Li, and the president ordered Kuvira to be brought back to Republic City, having proven herself far more a hindrance than a help.

Korra confirmed to Kuvira that they would leave first thing in the morning, and she told Baatar that he would be getting her wish to never see her again.

In the night, Kuvira left the guards outside her room unconscious and stole a Metal Clan plane, fleeing Zaofu. He commended her on her cunning and asked if she was there to try to stop him again.

Kuvira denied this, commending him on resurrecting the Earth Empire, adding that he had always been a shrewd leader. She proposed a deal that she claimed would benefit them both.

She told him that in her quest for power, she had alienated everyone she considered family and that things could never go back to the way they were, regardless of what she did.

She decided that the only path she could follow was his. Guan asked if she wanted to rejoin the Earth Empire, and she agreed on one condition.

Guan told her that he would not let her reclaim the title of Great Uniter, but Kuvira assured him that he would not challenge his authority: she wanted to forget the painful memories about her biological parents, the Beifongs, and the people she had hurt.

Guan considered that this would put her under his complete control and was surprised that she would yield so willingly. Kuvira stated that it was not the first time she had surrendered, and him brainwashing her was the only way he could fully trust her.

Kuvira reiterated the deal and asked Guan if he would accept. Kuvira was taken to the Gaoling reeducation camp and restrained before the brainwashing could begin.

Sheng welcomed her back to the Earth Empire as she began the process, pleased to finally share her invention with the former Great Uniter.

However, as soon as the scientist began the process, Kuvira used metalbending to levitate brainwashing helmets above Guan and Sheng, trapping their heads in them as she used metalbending to free herself from her restraints.

Kuvira told Guan and Sheng that she was beating them at their own game, and they would have no choice but to surrender and tell the world about how they stole the election.

Sheng raised that Kuvira did not know how the machine operated, but she informed her that she did, as Baatar Jr.

However, Mako and Bolin quickly entered, ordering Kuvira to release them, Mako shooting fire at her and giving enough time for Guan and Sheng to remove their helmets.

Kuvira noticed Guan trying to escape in a jeep, and threw the vehicle with metalbending, sending the commander flying out of the vehicle.

Guan bent metal strips from his uniform to Kuvira, which she avoided, and readied her metal cables to try to attack Guan.

However, he elevated himself on an earth platform and sent a rock flying toward Kuvira, striking her on the shoulder.

He told her that she never had the potential to lead the Earth Empire, unlike him, and threw the jeep at her, though she split the vehicle in two and bends metal strips to pin Guan against a tent.

He surrendered to Kuvira, but she told him it was too late, and that she would make sure he never rose again, levitating a sharp piece of metal in his direction.

However, Suyin approached, telling Kuvira that killing Guan would not solve anything, nor bring her any peace. Kuvira accepted the truth of Su's words, lowering her metal, but telling Guan that he was finished, and the Earth Empire was permanently over.

The commander subsequently ordered his entire army to stand down. When the mayor thanked Korra for her help, the Avatar told him to thank Kuvira for taking matters into her own hands, before informed Kuvira that she was not off the hook as she had been ordered to return her to Republic City, which the metalbender accepted.

Kuvira was returned to Republic City for the end of her tribunal. Varrick was called as a witness, and he spoke about Kuvira threatening to kill him after he tried to stop working on her spirit weapons, adding that she was a horrible person.

Kuvira told him that his testimony was enough, though the judge told her not to intimidate the witness, and that the court would hear what he had to say.

Instead, Kuvira told the court that they would not have to, as she confessed to everything. She admitted she was wrong to think she knew what was best for everyone by refusing to turn over her emergency powers, and adds that she should have known everything that was going on in the reeducation camps.

She noted that she so badly wanted to wield power and change the world that she did not consider the consequences, and wished that she could forget the things she had done and the people she had hurt, but could not.

She added that she hoped she could begin to heal the pain she had caused by accepting responsibility and thus decided to enter a guilty plea.

Korra noted that she respected Kuvira for taking responsibility, and Mako, Bolin, and Asami noted that they were thankful she was on their side.

Suyin approached Kuvira, telling her that she owed her an apology, thinking that if she had been a better mentor and mother she could have guided her on an appropriate path.

Kuvira thanked Suyin for taking her in, and never abandoning her, even at her worst, telling her that she should be the sorry one.

Suyin and Kuvira embraced, the latter wishing they had more time and the former telling her that they will, as she spoke with President Moon and the tribunal, and that they agreed to release her into Suyin's custody under house arrest at the Beifong estate due to her remorse and her actions in stopping Guan and the Earth Empire.

Kuvira asked what Baatar Jr. Described by Suyin Beifong as a complicated person, traumatized by being abandoned by her own parents as a child, [1] Kuvira was driven by a fierce desire to protect and guide the citizens of the Earth Kingdom and persistent on achieving national unity through the use of military force.

Her willingness to usher in an age of solidarity and collective well-being was further nurtured by Suyin's progressive ideology, to which she was exposed from early childhood.

Kuvira was not hesitant about leaving a group of bandits to die if they refused to pledge their loyalty to her.

During her time in Zaofu, Kuvira was generally a caring person with a warm disposition, loyal and obedient to authority, following orders from her former superiors with no protest.

In addition, she did not hesitate to leave the capital of Yi without providing aid to its impoverished citizens when the state's governor refused to accept her extortionate deal, while also berating him for failing to put his citizens' needs ahead of his own pride.

Kuvira is persuasive and capable of convincing state leaders to pledge their allegiance to her, but she is also proficient in the use of intimidation if individuals refuse to comply with her requests.

Kuvira tends toward extreme anger when people deeply criticize her and do not follow her orders, such as when she almost choked Guan to death for refusing to surrender while calling her a traitor.

Ultimately, Kuvira came to believe that giving control of the Earth Kingdom to someone based on lineage was archaic, believing that she was more suited to govern the nation.

Her relentlessness in reuniting the Earth Kingdom has become a goal that justifies all the means that she deems necessary to achieve it, which included forcing citizens into slave labor, removing dissenters and people not from Earth Kingdom descent to reeducation camps, and experimenting with weapons of mass destruction, like the spirit vine technology.

Kuvira herself repeatedly stated that she regretted some of her actions, but ultimately regarded the Earth Empire as a great project which improved the lives of the people of the Earth Kingdom.

Accordingly, she has remained loyal to the Earth Empire's authoritarian ideology even after her defeat and showed no respect or sympathy for democracy.

In a rare moment of vulnerability, Kuvira opened up to Korra and helped the Avatar to understand her. Despite all that, Kuvira has also shown a softer side to her personality during her private time, urging Opal to reconcile with her family and gently easing Bolin's fears as to her intentions.

She is welcoming to her allies and fans, [7] and has also shown the capacity to forgive those who are loyal to her.

Thus, she is willing to sacrifice individuals and even entire groups but not the welfare of the majority. Kuvira is an earthbending master, able to manipulate large amounts of earth and rocks to suit her needs.

Her prowess is recognized by skilled earthbenders, such as Suyin, and other people who have seen her in action before, such as Opal. As a master metalbender , Kuvira can effortlessly shape metal into any form or shape she desires.

Kuvira displays mastery in the use of metalbending, capable of traversing several terrains and climbing large mountainsides with relative ease using metal cables.

She also demonstrates considerable physical strength, having been able to grip Tonraq with a cable and support his weight.

Kuvira is a smart and natural leader, as evident by her service as captain of the guard in Zaofu and further by her accomplishments as the "Great Uniter".

She is also shown to be a charismatic and effective public speaker, instilling great respect in her followers.

She is capable of engaging in persuasive negotiation, but can also employ intimidation in order to convince state leaders to pledge their allegiance to her and her cause.

Using these abilities, Kuvira has managed to bring all Earth Kingdom states into her control, earning her a fierce reputation in the Earth Kingdom.

Kuvira was able to recall Dr. Sheng's brainwashing device to Baatar Jr. As a former member of Suyin's dance troupe, she is able to maintain balance and posture while swinging down a metal cable.

Kuvira is also agile, a skill that allows her to evade attacks in battle with no wasted movement. Sign In Don't have an account?

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